5 pair of shoes every man should own

Shoes every man should own is what I always wanted to start my blog writing with. Shoes are an important accessory in a man’s wardrobe. Good pair of shoes not only anchors the whole ensemble and takes an average to a dandy. Shoes should be stylish, comfortable, and occasion specific. In 5 pairs of shoes, every man should own. What I am going to mention here might not be sufficient for someone like me, will certainly see you through the day, in every aspect. There’s a logic behind wearing a good pair of shoes, People perceive you as someone who takes pride in himself and someone who appreciates dressing well. Your feet stay in good condition in the long run. Buying a good pair of shoes shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket either. I am going to suggest buying the best shoes that you can afford in upcoming blogs.

1. the medium brown wingtip brogues

The medium brown wingtip is a leather wingtip shoe with perforations around the toe. There’s medium broguing which has perforations on the toe and full broguing which has perforations around the opening. I would recommend full broguing as it widens the range of the outfits that you can wear. The Medium brown brogues can be rocked with jeans or dress pants. Try avoiding it on ultra-formal occasions like Black tie events.

2. the Chelsea Boots

The suede Chelsea boots are the epitome of ruggedness and class. They can be dressed up or down from tailored trousers to jeans. In this article 5 pairs of shoes, every man should own, I would recommend opting for a slim profile boot as it would harmonize the whole look and would not give an unsightly appearance.

3. the penny loafers

We talk about penny loafers, we go to a Classic menswear dimension. A shoe that goes off well with casual trousers like chinos, jeans, and even plaids. You could go for an oxblood color, as it gives a chic and sophisticated look. Adds color and is also versatile compared to black or brown. I would recommend pairing it with neutral color chino.

4. the tasseled loafers

The tasseled loafer looks great in jeans and in suits. The classy tassels stand out in the shoe arena and are eye-catching. The slim profile of the shoe syncs the whole ensemble very well. be it on a casual outing with jeans and shirt or even with a full 3 piece charcoal suit. I would suggest going with the dark brown tasseled loafers. To stand out with tasseled loafers, opt for a suede version,

5. the only black shoe you need

The only black shoe in this list (5 essential shoes every man should own), its the cap toe oxford. I refrain from any other black shoe except this. This shoe is predominantly for a black-tie or all-black event. The Cap toe oxfords are old school, most basic black shoes you can own. The aesthetic of the shoe is well balanced and evergreen. I would suggest, if the occasion is not formal, you must look for brown burgundy or camel is apt.

the miscellaneous shoe

I would like to add a miscellaneous pair of shoes on this list for my Indian readers. previously worn only by villagers, historically worn by Rajasthani men these Indian espadrilles have seen the light of the day. A good casual pair of shoes that can make you stand out. The black/brown Indian JUTTI. this is a low cut loafer kind of a shoe. I would recommend this shoe for leaner men, to pair it with jeans chino or even ethnic wear. These Juttis should be chosen carefully, glitters and colors are only for weddings, otherwise stick to dark brown or black color.

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