The key elements of menswear

In Menswear, the DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS. In key elements of menswear, I will teach the subtle nuances of menswear, that distinguishes a well-dressed man from an average guy. It doesn’t matter if you wear a 100$ suit or a 1000$ suit, what really matters is the fit which I have covered in my last blog, and what also matters is how you wear it. These nuances of menswear are generally overlooked by most of the men.

An inch or a half cuff

A suit is the most important weapon in menswear arsenal, hence it should be worn well and close to perfect. The peeping out 1/2 to 1 inch of cuff gives a tasteful appearance and a visual break, plus this is one of the reasons why people wear a full sleeve shirt with a suit. Whether it is a barrel or a classic french cuff the rule remains the same, or even if you try to pull off a turtle neck sweater, make sure that a little of the cuff shows.

Rolling up sleeves

Rolling up of sleeves doesn’t really sound like a key element, but trust me it is important. If done well it can accentuate your arms, and add a bit of nonchalance to your look. If you’re wearing a sweatshirt or a sweater make sure to pull them up midway. Check out a tutorial here for more.

Folding a pocket square

Now we all know there could be tons of ways to fold a pocket square, but we need to know at least two to make the cut. On is a business-like or the other is the eccentric fold. I prefer the eccentric fold as its easy and looks as if you care a damn. For a tutorial, I have linked a video here.

The Unbuttoned button

What separates a Dandy from a normal bloke is not what he wears, but how he wears. The same is reflected in these little elements, which makes the difference. The bottom button of a blazer/sportcoat/waistcoat or even a cardigan should always be undone. It’s just the way it is and let’s accept it looks good in taste.

Wide lapel and neckties

The narrow lapels and ties were a trend that has seen its good and bad days. In comparison to that, the broader lapels and ties are classic and look more elegant. You don’t really have to go overboard with the width but keep it moderately wide(3-3.5 inches). The same goes for neckties, gone are the days of skinny ties that disproportionate the look. Aim for something between 3″-3.5″.

Undershirt that doesn’t peak out

Its almost unavoidable not to wear an undershirt, especially when its summers. It comes handy in tackling sweat stains and keep your shirt cleaner. Your undershirt can give an unsightly appearance when it peeks right out of your chest. Make surer that you use a deep or a v neck undershirt to avoid this.

The belt matches the shoes

Another key element of menswear is matching the material and color of your shoes and belt. Keeping this rule hard and fast is up to you, otherwise, little color variations are forgivable. If so make sure that if you’re wearing tan shoes, the color of your belt is at least cognac or chocolate brown. Similarly, if you’re wearing a canvas belt your shoes have to be casual like Chuck Taylor.

Swapping shoelaces with colored ones

Often, when we try to add a dash of color to our footwear we rather go with colorful shoes itself or socks. Swapping your shoelaces with colored ones add a distinguished feature to your whole look. Just make sure you stick to the original color during formal occasions.

When in doubt match socks to trousers

I know many of us are fascinated with colored socks lately. Few of us also realize that doing colored socks to the point is not an easy task. Whenever you are not sure about the color, match the color of your socks to your trousers. It also makes you look taller.

The occasional french Tuck

French tuck is a good way to add a bit of sprezzatura to your look. It gives a casual vibe to an otherwise simple jeans and tee. Remember that getting a good french tuck is a bit about practice and takes a couple of attempts to get it right.

Minimal classic accessories

Accessories can anchor your whole look. I cannot stress more on this, check out my earlier blogs. A good tie pin, collar pin or a nice pocket square or a boutonniere can make you stand out of the average blokes. Here are a few examples.

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The key elements of menswear