Grooming during Quarantine (lockdown)

Quarantine(lockdown) is something that we as mankind have faced for the first time, especially on this scale. The COVID-19 has made most of the human race stay home. The deadly virus has instilled fear in us and has forced countries to go for a lockdown. The ever outgoing men have been exiled. Gym and salons are shut. This lockdown would have restricted use, it should not be an excuse to lead a sedentary lifestyle. We as a modern gent who is particular about what he puts in and on his body and someone who looks after his appearance cannot go days without looking after himself. whether it’s his grooming, dressing, his physical, and spiritual wellbeing. This blog teaches my readers to be well-groomed and presentable.


Grooming plays a pivotal role in any man’s appearance, this goes without saying. In a Quarantine(lockdown) state, it’s easy for a guy to fall into the trap and forget about the grooming altogether. On the other end of the spectrum, there would be men who might indulge in over-grooming as well. We need to draw a line and be presentable at least. Here are a few basic essentials.


Your face gets affected the first when you have a dull lifestyle. once you stop taking care of your mug, coupled with bad eating habits. Your skin is bound to look dull lifeless and oily. Even worse your pores get clogged while might lead to a breakout like pimples. A good face wash can be a savior.

Tip: Invest in something that is apt for your skin and isn’t very harsh.


Exfoliators are coarse in nature and hence a Lil hard on skin. During the quarantine(lockdown) period, as you are not going to step out much or at all for that matter. Using of Exfoliators/scrubs should be limited to once a week. What you must make sure is that it should be a mild scrub that doesn’t rip off your skin’s natural oils.

Tip: Never go for 2 in 1’s


Your skin dries off when subjected to cold temperatures, chemicals, or even detergents. Dry skin can lead to irritation, flakiness as a result, wrinkles. Every man needs a good moisturizer for his face and body in his grooming arsenal. Now, I know there are a lot of bloggers and experts who advocate that we can use the same body moisturizer. Rather I would recommend having two different moisturizers one for your face, that’s light in texture, and is non-sticky, the other one for the body that suits your skin type.

Tip: It’s not girly anymore, so slather on. Go for the unscented ones.


Quarantine(lockdown) can take toll on your hair and scalp. Sedentary lifestyle can lead to ignorance, hence oil, dirt and gunk on the scalp that may lead to hair fall. Make sure that you keep your scalp clean. Actually Lockdown could be a time when you can experiment. Whether its homemade hair masks, or even oiling your hair, this is a good time to indulge into all that.

Tip: Make sure you condition your hair and keep them moisturized

Eye cream

Disturbed sleeping routine, plays havoc on your eyes and the area around. From eye bags to under eye dark circles. Although I would recommend a good 7 to 8-hour sleep, A cooling undereye cream nourishes and balances the moisture. Tired eyes reflect fatigue, well-moisturized skin around the area can make you look much better.

Tip : Eye cream must be applied gently with your ring fingers

Shaving/Trimming routine

An unkempt beard has an unsightly appearance. Whether you’re a clean-shaven guy or the 5 o’clock shadow, you need to keep your beard in order. During the quarantine(lockdown) time, it is easy to become an Ape-man. Keeping your beards well maintained, makes you look presentable even behind’ the walls.

The Upkeep

Body hair is often ignored when you’re locked down. Manscaping takes a back seat and so does stray hair (nose, ears, unibrows). This period of negligence can literally make you look like a caveman. Now I don’t mean to suggest you try your hands on body waxing at home, but a good body groomer can be a helping hand. Stray hairs like nose and ear hairs should be trimmed as required. Unibrow should be handled with tweezers.

Tip: Scrub your face before a shave.

Smell Fresh

Smelling fresh is pleasant not just for you but others as well. sitting in one place while working from home doesn’t mean your sweat glands are not at work, reeking of sweat makes you feel dull. After a fresh shower makes sure you either splash on a fresh scent or a nice smelling roll on. Try the below mention cologne splash 4711.

Tip: You’re just home, so don’t over do it.

Sleep Cycle

The most ignored aspect of a busy man’s life, especially during times like quarantine(lockdown) is the sleep cycle. whether its late-night spreadsheets or Netflix series that keeps you awake, a disturbed sleep cycle is always unhealthy. Getting you 7-8 hours sleep is mandatory for overall well being.

Tip: Put the phone away at least 30 minutes, before you doze off. The blue light can disrupt sleep.

Dress down

Dressing up during quarantine(lockdown) sounds unrealistic. This should not give you an excuse to be in your boxers and the same old tee. Dressing down is an option that draws a line here. Dressing well even when inside your home, in your comfort zone if does nothing, it certainly makes you feel good about yourself and boosts your confidence.

Something comfortable

Dressing down during quarantine(lockdown) means you have time to experiment with the so-called Athleisure trend. Its time to bring out those comfy and stretchy joggers and t-shirts. A nice polo-shirt along with stretchable shorts in neutral colors is a good choice to start with. Fresh pair of clothes would also, in turn, make you feel fresh and might increase your productivity as well. finger crossed.

The Quarantine(lockdown) has certainly put breaks in our lives, but that should not stop the modern gent from taking care of himself. Stay home Stay Safe.

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