11 Essential shirts for men-2020

Shirts are the most basic part of a man’s wardrobe. In Essential shirts for men – 2020, I teach about the most basic 11 shirts. This is specifically for men in the age range of 25-40. It’s classic timeless yet with a hit of vibrancy. These 11 will cover you from the boardroom to the beach, from the bar to a lunch date. I know there could be more but these are 11 essential shirts. The bare minimum, a well-dressed man has to have, in order to survive any occasion.

Classic white shirt

The epitome of class and cool, the classic white shirt is what comes to our mind when we talk about shirts. This shirt goes with trousers to jeans and is weather friendly especially in hotter climates. Make sure your first white shirt is in a semi-spread collar, full sleeve, and cotton. A man should consider keeping at least two white shirts in his wardrobe.

TIP: If it’s for formal wear, go for french cuffs

The Blue OCBD

The light Blue OXFORD CLOTH BUTTON DOWN shirt is the most versatile of all shirts. This shirt covers you from formal to semi-casual to ultra-casual. The button down construction gives it a nonchalant vibe but also holds the structure enough to throw in a tie.

TIP: Go for the light blue color with plackets, for that extra edge.

Baby pink Shirt

I know a lot of people will frown upon a Baby pink shirt, stating it’s for girls. But in the past few years, a pink shirt has become more acceptable and is now an Essential shirt for men. A hallmark especially in formal or business attire. The color pink projects confidence and also breaks the monotony of whites, greys, and blues.

TIP: Go for a light shade of baby pink to start, with a simple design.

Striped Shirt

Another way to add a pattern to your office wear is to include stripes shirt. The biggest advantage of stripes is that it adds length to your figure while making you look leaner if you choose the stripes wisely. If you’re a hefty gent, go for narrow stripes with minimum spacing, as it would make you look leaner.

TIP: Go for narrow stripes, it makes you look leaner.

Plaid Shirt

The plaid shirt is the most friendly shirt of all body shapes and sizes. It hides those extra pounds in heavier men and looks great on the leaner frame as well. The best part about plaid is, you get a wide range of colors and sizes to experiment with. You can go for tartan or gingham to add texture to your ensemble.

TIP: Go for smaller checks if you want to play safe with patterns.

Denim Shirt

The Classic denim shirt becomes even more important during the start of the colder months of the year, making it one of the Essential shirts for men as the temperature goes down. Its versatile in every way, and has become more acceptable in office wear. The denim shirt is more apt for evening wear, a date appropriate.

TIP: Opt for a chambray shirt for formal occasions.

Linen Shirt

The Ultra-cool shirt in this list, Linen shirt is more on the casual side of the spectrum. This skin-friendly shirt is perfect for the climate we have in Dubai. The only drawback of this is the wrinkles it leaves, make it more desired for casual settings.

TIP: Opt for a Mandarin collar, to stand out.

Casual White Shirt

The second white shirt on this list, the casual white shirt could be an Oxford, linen, cotton or even short sleeve. This shirt is as important as its formal brother. When you are in no clue what to wear, go for this. Pair this with shorts or dark blue jeans, and you’re good for a barbecue or a Friday brunch.

TIP: Keep this white shirt casual, sleeves fold.

Hawaiian Shirt

Although Hawaiian shirt has caught a trend in the past couple of years, it has been a classic go-to for beach party wear. One of the Essential shirts for outgoing men. The Cuban collar gives it a 60’s vibe, and short sleeves make it apt to pair it with shorts or chinos. Hawaiian shirts also offer a wide array of prints and colors to your wardrobe. Best for those beach parties in Dubai.

TIP: Go for a flowy fit, skip the snug ones.

The Over Shirt

I agree that an overshirt is a different subject altogether but it has to be included in this list. It completely solves the purpose of everything between a shirt and a jacket. It can be worn during the colder evenings even in summer, in Dubai.

TIP: Choose earth tones, as it’s easy to pair.

Flannel Shirt

The Bad boy of all the shirts among these 11 Essential shirts for men, a vintage flannel shirt. Pair it with jeans or chinos, and your good for a date or even a movie with friends. The rugged construction makes it easy to wear without having to worry about wrinkles.

TIP: Go for the classic red and black checks.

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