All you need to know about Eyewear

Eyewear whether it is goggles, sunglasses, spectacles are often ignored. Most men might wear a nice quality suit or a pair of shoes, they seldom pay attention to eyewear, it could be sunglasses or even spectacles. This blog is to make men understand the importance of eyewear. Whether it’s for the wellbeing of eyes or from style perspective a decent pair of sunglasses or spectacles are imperative. A good pair of eyewear can take your style from average-looking to well-rounded gentleman.

The Essentials


Aviators are one of the types of sunglasses that suit most of the face shapes. Decent size, round at the edges and thinner frames give it masculine yet refined appeal. One of the most classic frame shapes that have never gone out of style. If you think RayBan doesn’t fit your budget you can always go for aviators that are available on high street brands like HnM. If there’s just one frame of sunglasses that you want to have in your wardrobe then I would recommend having these. Aviators suit every occasion and can be easily worn even with suits. In my opinion, Green Brown or Black are the best choices for the aviators, in silver or gold rims.


The aviators looks killer on square face shapes and also on oval faces.

Club Masters

Another all-time classic eyewear is the Club Master. These frames are more chic compared to the more rugged brothers. Heavier on the temples and gold rimming gives it a distinct look. These browline glasses might not complement all face shapes, but when it does, it looks pretty damn good. The Club masters should preferably be worn in green or brown lenses, as it adds color to the wardrobe and has a timeless feel to them.


Since these are browline sunglasses, they sit well on oval face shapes.


From Rockstars to Hollywood celebrities, the wayfarers have been loved not just by men but also by the opposite gender. These frames suit the rounder faces as well. The classic black wayfarer is the epitome of cool casualness. Wayfarers come in various sizes and colors, but I would rather recommend to spend a little and invest in a nice pair of RayBan wayfarers in black or tortoiseshell. The number of compliments that’ll you’ll receive will make up for that money that you have paid.


The wayfarers are made for round, oblong and oval face shapes.

To give you that extra edge

When you’re done with the basic 3 sunglasses The Aviators, Wayfarers, and club masters, and you feel like adding a bit of edge to your Eyewear arsenal, go for these 3. You can add a fun element to the wardrobe by adding these 3 or at least one of these depending on face shapes and color preference.

The Round goggles

The round goggles add a playful element to your look while looking stylish. Although men with round face shape should absolutely avoid. The round glasses compliment the square shape faces, as it balances the edges of the jawline and forehead. So go ahead and add these along with your leather jacket and black jeans for the Rockstar appeal.


When it comes to standing out aesthetics and lineage, Persol sunglasses are incomparable. These sunglasses were made famous by Steve Mcqueen. The thicker frame gives it the classic 60’s and 80’s appeal. Persol’s can be worn casually and also with suits. They come in various shapes and designs but the 714 (foldable) or the 649’s are legendary.


The Gradient sunglasses totally depends on personal choice. I have mentioned these for men who like to add color to their Eyewear. Although gradient sunglasses are classic and were widely used in the ’80s. It gives a pleasant visual appeal to your face and is available in almost all frame shapes.


Whether you wear spectacles with prescription lenses or just to give yourself that nerdy good boy look, a decent pair of spectacles are a must. Most of us get the frames wrong, so I have boiled down the shapes into two categories for easier understanding. The square frames that would include the rectangular or frames with prominent edges. The second category is round or oval-shaped frames.

Square Frames

Square face suits the oval and oblong face shapes. Men with strong jawline must refrain from these. Try to find thicker frames to ooze out that Madmen inspired style. As far as the color goes stick to black or tortoiseshell frames, as these are all time classics and never goes out of style. Steer clear from blues and reds, especially the ones with dual color tone.

Round frames

Round frames were made for men with the square face shape. As the round frames help to balance the face. softening the hard jawline and forehead. round frames were made famous by John Lenon and then the hippie culture. Stick to simple color and monotone, as these frames tend to stand out. A well-dressed gentleman wouldn’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons.

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The Classic Dandy- All you need to know about eyewear