6 Best Slacks for men (jeans not included)

Slacks, trousers, or pants, whatever you call them, serves as the better half of your outfit. Unfortunately, men’s trousers have never been a center of attraction. Most men either prefer black, blue, grey pant. To the most, they’ll just settle for their best friend “JEANS”. Most of the men don’t realize that trousers can well be used as a centerpiece. In this blog, I will be teaching the importance of slacks for men in this comprehensive guide. Here I will take you through the 6 best pair of slacks for men, wherein jeans are not included.

1. Chinos

Chino pants or khaki pants as some call it serves the idea business casuals perfectly. If you compare chinos with other pants they rank higher on the scale of formality. Chino pants sit right in the middle of formal and casual. What makes chino or khaki pants casual is the way it wraps the lower part of your body. The wrinkles on chino or khaki pants don’t look bad either. These pants are easy to dress up and down as shown in the pictures below.

Fit: The classic chinos should fit slim in length. It should end where it just touches the shoe with a little break.

80’s Chino

The more relaxed sibling of the standard slim fit chino pants. As we know the ’80s were the most beloved eras for men’s fashion. The 80’s chino has ar relaxed fit around thighs and gets tapered towards the bottom. These are essential for guys looking to rock the oversized pants.

Fit: Wider around thighs and tapered around ankles. Keep the chino shorts a little short to show off those ankles.

2. Dress Pants

You’ll find this, “the best men’s dress pants guide”, as dress pants present the widest array of designs, styles, and colors. Very appropriate for all kinds of weather around the world. Dress pants hold their value in classic wardrobe even now. Modern gent must own 3 pairs of formal pants. These can be in different colors, fabric, and design.

Fit: Dress pants should be cut close to your body and should be straight. Anything flared can make you fall into the bell-bottoms category, avoid fancy fits. Below are a few types of dress pants that I would like to recommend.

The Pleated trousers

The most classic and elegant trousers you can have in your wardrobe. A vertical crease or a fold that runs the front of the entire length of the trouser is known as a pleat. Single or double depends on your taste, gives an elegant panache. Pleated trousers considered old fashioned. The flat fronts are the rival of the pleated trouser. Flat fronts look a little monotonous. The pleated trousers suits all body shapes and sizes, slim and stocky.

The Flat front pants

The most common type of slacks that men prefer, flat-front trousers are your safest bet. These trousers can have a crease or no crease, whatever pleases you. The downside to flat-front trousers is they can become monotonous, and would project you as someone who likes to play safe in dressing up department. You can see flat-front trousers on almost any man, irrespective of their age.

The wool trousers

The most winter-friendly pair of slack a man can own, an important place among 6 slacks for men. Wool trousers are naturally heavier and thicker in comparison to other natural fibers. They provide texture and weight to the silhouette. Pleats or creases look very prominent and classy on wool trousers. Pair white button-down with medium grey wool trousers and your good to go

The Gurkha Trousers

Perhaps the least talked about trousers. In this list of 6 Best slacks for men, I will tell you about The Gurkha trousers. The Gurkha trousers have a British origin and were used by Nepalese soldiers. The Gurkha trousers are usually double pleats and a cummerbund waist. Gurkha trousers are fastened around the waist by buttons or buckles or both. These pants are high waisted pants and help elongate your legs. A good pair of Gurkha trousers can make you stand out like a dandy.

3. Linen/Seersucker

The lightest and summer-friendly fabric in this list. In the 6 best slacks for men, linen is skin linen tops the charts and comes as a blessing to us. Linen fabric is breathable and keeps you cool. A great fabric that wicks off sweat. The only downside to linen is the formality. As linen/seersucker is prone to wrinkles, linen seems more appropriate for casual settings. If the work environment that allows you to wear, choose for slimmer cuts as they tend to look more put together.

4. Corduroy

Corduroy is always touted as old fashioned, and something that your grandfather would wear. With the evolution of men’s fashion in recent times. Corduroy pants are cut closer to the body. Slimmer cut corduroy with a little break looks rakish and elegant. Corduroy trousers are definitely an alternative to your chino and dress pants.

5. Joggers

Whether its gym you’re heading to?? or running errands, a man has to have a good pair of joggers. Joggers provide comfort and ease yet being one of the best laid back piece of clothing a man can have. The stretchability makes it apt for working out, lounging at home, or running errands. Make sure that you opt for simpler cuts and solid colors, avoiding anything bold or printed.

6. Slim cargo

The least required pair of slacks in 6 slacks for men. Men wear cargo pants on trekking or on a safari. If you’re lost in the Amazon they can be your best friend. Why trekking?? Cause cargo pants rank higher on utility and functionality, made of sturdy cotton, roomier, and has multiple pockets. If you were to wear cargo pants go for a slimmer version. opt for solid colors like khaki green or sand.

Bonus – The Jodhpur pants/ The Jodhpurs

The bonus tip of 6 best slacks for men is the Jodhpur Pants or breaches as they call in the west. This type is for my Indian reader or the Indian men’s fashion enthusiast. The jodhpurs fit tight from knee to ankle, and baggy at the hips. The flared thigh area is for the free movement. The downside to Jodhpur pants is they are appropriate and limited to certain occasions. Wedding or if you’re actually playing polo. If you’re gutsy, pull them off casually.

Fit: The fit is the most important aspect of Jodhpur trousers, a size larger can make you look like a sack. Get these tailored.

Smaller details:


They say the devil is in the details, here are the small details that can actually make your pants look nothing like an ordinary. You can roll up your jeans and chino pants, rolling your pants can make the wrinkle, as their construction and materials are slightly different. This is where cuff comes into the picture. looks put together and adds panache to an ordinary pair of trousers.


There are majorly two types of the waistband, the buttoned and the waistband with the hook. In my personal point of view, the buttoned waistband. The buttoned waistband looks a lot better, especially when you don’t have the belt on. The other type of waistband is of the Gurkha trousers, which may look very dressy when done right. Opt for side adjusters if your pants are tailored.

The break of the pant length

The most important detail for a pair of trousers in “6 best slacks for men”. It is the break of the length of the trousers. The break of the pant length is defined as creasing of the pant above the bottom of the front of the pant leg where it meets your shoe. Your pants can have full, medium, or break. The break of the pant length defines how your trouser would appear and is as important as the width of your pants.


Trousers are one of the most neglected garments in menswear, it has always been about shirts and suits. The most that we would talk about is Jeans. What I would like to bring to everybody’s notice, is trousers can be the centerpiece of your outfit.

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