5 Ways to add color to your wardrobe

how to add color to your wardrobe? Adding color to his ensemble has always been a tricky part of dressing up for most men out there. In the past couple of decades, men have most played safe with greys and blues. We have been designed in a way that makes us stick to certain color palettes. Especially when society has made color very gender-specific. The pinks and the lilacs were limited to women. Lately, in roughly the past 10 years men have been able to accept a different array of colors in their wardrobe. Adding color into your outfit goes without a say when its summer. Warmer months asks you to chuck greys and black in your wardrobe for winters.

Why add color !!!

The Modern man is tamed yet free, he is bold in his choices and the same reflects in his wardrobe. He knows the importance of having fun with his attire. He has learned how to pull off feminine colors as well as he knows how not to go overboard.

Pieces to add color


Adding color to your outfit with shoes is fun and comparatively easier than going for a bright yellow suit. There are a plethora of options in sneakers as well as dress shoes. You can opt for red vans or mustard yellow chuck Taylor. When shopping for dress shoes go for oxblood or dark green. If you shy away from colors in dress shoes, go for the espadrilles. Espadrilles are casual and you can get away with bold colors or patterns.


When I say tops I don’t just mean T-shirts, it goes for blazers waistcoats and shirts. The lighter color top can actually give your frame a bigger experience. Pink shirt, sea green cardigan, or coral blue blazer are some of the classy examples to add color to your outfit.


Gone are the days of Mr. FUNNY PANTS. the modern gent doesn’t shy away from colorful bottoms whether it is chinos, dress pants, or even shorts. Before you start shopping for colored trousers, make sure you go easy and start off with chinos and shorts. Dress pants in bold colors can be overwhelming for some. Nantucket red also gives a nice color to the ensemble.


By far the easiest way to add color in your wardrobe is by going ethnic. Ethnic wear provides you enough threshold to get away with almost any pattern or color. Ivory Jawahar bandi or a baby pink kurta, a Man can pull these off without feeling too conscious. Attending a wedding? throw on a colorful headgear (turban).


As we know THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS, accessories are the most understated but most efficient way to inject colors in your outfit, Whether its silk scarf or the mismatched socks. Incorporating minimal but the colorful accessory looks impeccable when done right. Tie, Watch, or pocket square are some of the easiest ways without any fuss.

Colors to look forward to

Below are examples that Men should try to incorporate in their wardrobe. Browns, greens, and oranges give pleasant earthy tones to your wardrobe. If combined well, which I will show in future blogs can look very harmonious. Most of the examples below are easier to pull off.






How not to look like a clown

  • Always remember to start with subdued shades of bold color and start off small. Accessories make the job easier.
  • Avoid clash of colors, refer to the color wheel(will soon come up with color for specific skin tones).
  • Understated yet bold is the way to go for.
  • Overdo color and you can easily look like a clown or a wannabe.
  • Also, we must keep or complexion in mind. Darker the skin tone and hair color, the more are the chances that you can walk away with the brighter shades.
  • Colors that are closer to your skin tone can make you look ashy or washed off.
  • Experiment, with colors when at home. More you experiment and explore better you get at finding your comfort zone with colors.

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The Classic Dandy- 5 Ways to add color to your wardrobe