5 summer essentials for men

Summers is the season when you actually wish you don’t have to go out. When the temperature rises and goes past 40 degrees dressing up is a bit of a challenge. As you shed off layers of clothing and change to lighter clothes, accessories become equally important. Hence here I have got 5 summer essentials every man should own. On the Classic Dandy, I have always emphasized enough on the importance of accessorizing. Summers are no different, with lesser options are available to look dapper, you must turn into accessories to up your game. Here I bring you the bare essential for the summer season.


Not just style-wise, you also need to protect your eyes from the heat of the summer. A good pair of sunglasses is essential. Right from Don Draper in Madmen to Leonardo Dicaprio in Wolf of Wallstreet has pulled off some really cool sunglasses. These will protect your eyes from UV rays that cause fine lines and crow feet. Also, a good pair of sunglasses will protect you from the strain that your eyes are being subject to by harsh sunlight. So just go ahead and buy the pair that suits you the most.

Espadrilles or canvas shoes

Summer is the season to give your leather shoes some rest. Keep your leather loafers and derby’s behind on your shoe rack. Its time to bring out the fabric shoes, the more breathable alternatives. We as men tend to sweat a lot more compared to our counterparts. Wearing leather would only result in sweaty feet. Opt for espadrilles or canvas shoes. Boat shoes are also a good option. Skip the high tops like the chucks as they would only increase perspiration. Make sure that you rock these shoes with some no show socks. Going completely sockless is a rookie mistake. put on these with shorts or chinos and you’re good to go.

Show some Mankle with No Show socks

There are 2 types of men, who do socks right and who doesn’t. Wearing espadrilles or the aforementioned shoes doesn’t mean you’ll skip wearing socks. Opt for cotton or moisture-wicking material and you’re good to go. Summer is the right time to show some man ankles or as they say Mankles. The important thing to keep in mind is the no show socks should not show at all, they are not meant to be seen. To avoid giving an unsightly appearance find the size that’ll fit your feet and shoe perfectly.

Fabric belts

As I said in the previous paragraph, summer is the time to ditch the leather. The same goes for the belt. Even though belts should be worn as an accessory rather than something that holds your pants up, But if you do have to wear, make sure you do this in style. Canvas is the optimal choice for summers and adds a dash of color to your outfit. You can choose from a wide array of colors or buckles. I would suggest you go for a braided canvas belt in a neutral color like navy blue or khaki and another one in a bold color like Red.

Nato Strap watch

As we are in the fabric and canvas spectrum, let’s swap out leather straps or steel bracelet for a Nato strap. The Nautical inspired strap tones down the formality of your watch and keeps it casual. Always choose a nato strap with superior quality to prevent it from looking cheap. Whenever you swap your watch strap to a nato strap remember to keep the face of the watch minimal. For example a Timex Indiglo or a Seiko.


I know Sunscreen is not necessarily an accessory, but well its one of the most important items you must use when the temperatures soar. Sunscreen lotion not only saves your skin from tanning but it also keeps you looking young by protecting you against UVA and UVB rays. The harmful rays can bring wrinkles and crow feet to you sooner than you think. Without going too much in detail I would recommend you just pick a sunscreen with SPF of 30 and above to have your defense against the sun.

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The Classic Dandy- 5 summer essentials for men