4 Timeless boots for men

Shoes are the most important accessory in a Man’s wardrobe. It’s imperative to have boots in your shoe arsenal. These 4 boots for men that I am telling you about are timeless and classic and would add great value to your wardrobe. These men’s boots rank higher on a sartorial podium and are highly practical. Boots add a great deal of masculinity and ruggedness to your personality. These can also withstand winters, add a couple of inches to your frame and make you look dapper all at the same time. In this blog, Here I will teach you what to choose over what.

The Dress boots

The first boot in 4 timeless boots for men is the dress boots. Dress boots are the most quintessential and should be the first pair of boots you should spend your money on. These are high on formality and adds finesse to your ensemble. You must make sure that your dress boots are sleek, as any extra bulk can make it look completely odd. Remember these boots are primarily made to wear with formal outfits. Below pictures will help you understand better. You can either go for cap toe boots or the wingtip brogue boots.

Work Boots

When we talk about work boots for men we think of Timberland, Redwing or caterpillar boots. I know a lot of you out there would not agree on why should you include work boots especially when most of us sit in the office all day long. Work boots add grunge and the old school lumberjack vibe to your look. The same reason why a lot of celebrities wear yellow timberland boots. Work boots also add a bit of length to your frame but must be avoided but bulkier and short frame guys. As these boots can make you look even shorter. Instead, you can go to Chelsea or desert boots.

Desert/ Chukka Boots

The Desert boots AKA Chukka boots strike right in the middle of formalities. It is casual enough to pair it with jeans and chinos and is also formal to the point that can be worn with dress pants. The Opening of the desert boots distinguishes it from other pairs of shoes circulating in the market. My advice, go for the one with gum sole, to that extra zing to your outfit. Chukka boots should be bought either in suede or in beeswax leather. Desert boots are old classic and are imperative to add in your shoe closet.

Go for crepe sole dessert boot for more casual appeal.

Chelsea boots

I can’t say this enough, Every modern-day gent needs at least a pair of brown suede Chelsea boots. Color medium brown cause it neutral and supports most of the trousers out there. In my earlier blog 5 essential shoes for men, I have stated the importance of having a suede Chelsea boot. The leather Chelsea boot in black, on the other hand, can be used extensively as well. The black leather biker jacket look or the all-black suit look can be well anchored by black Chelsea boots.

The Honourable mentions

The jodhpur Chelsea boots/button boots

Why? – These particular boots are for men who already own a couple of pair and are on a sartorial journey, and have money to splurge on. Mostly button boots, balmoral boots or Jodhpur boots are hand made and are luxurious. So if you fall into this category please go ahead, I have shown a few samples below.

What to avoid

It often becomes difficult to choose in this world a plethora of options. The type of boots to avoid depends on your understanding basically. To help you out with this I will list a few boots that need to be avoided and why.

The Chunky Hiking boots

Why? – The answer is pretty evident. The chunky hiking boots for men doesn’t do any good for you. They’re heavy clunky and disturbs the visual line that runs from your head to toe.

Instead – Go for slimmer silhouette hiking boots, lace to toe boots(lacing that starts close to the toe). The best part about these is that they can be paired with chinos as well if not dress pants.

In the end, to conclude my blog, boots represent raw masculinity while adding finishing touches to your personality. This is a handy guide any man could use while buying boots.

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