4 basic pairs of jeans you’ll ever need

Jeans have seen us literally through thick and thin of dressing up or down. let’s just say its an important piece of garment. Right from childhood, this blue color garment in various shades has been our best friend in winters and against stains. For men, the best feature of jeans would be the ruggedness, ability to withstand wear and tear for days and months to come. In this blog, we will take a look at the 4 most basic pairs of jeans that are required for men to survive this world. The jeans are by far the most acceptable and loved pair of garments across all genders and age groups. From Hollywood actors like James Dean to Steve Mcqueen to Brad Pitt, all of them have flaunted jeans with pride. Jeans is a piece of clothing that comes in a number of fits. It compliments all shapes and sizes.

The Dressy Indigo Blue denim

The beautiful irony of Dark indigo wash denim is that it can be dressed up. The only one pair of jeans that balance both the sides of formalities Why Dark indigo blue??, cause it goes well with a shirt, T-shirt and even a sports jacket. A nice crisp white shirt with slim blue jeans is a staple these days and most men end up looking good irrespective of their age. The fit is of utmost importance and I believe the slim fit goes really well on the dark indigo blue color. The slim fit and the solid color will compliment the semi-formal or the business casual setup.

Black jeans

The Black jeans aren’t as dressy as the dark indigo. They are not as casual as the light blue jeans either. The black jeans should be worn when you’re confused as to which jeans to actually wear. Very Safe and very flattering on most body shapes and types. You can go for the black jeans and black shirt for that all-black look, or you can go with a back tee for that Rockstar look. Team these jeans with the black Chelsea boots and leather jacket to bring out your Rockstar persona,

Some of the brands who do it right

  • LEVI’s (The Classic 501’s and 511’s)
  • NUDIE (The Selvedge pairs)
  • HnM (Wide range with affordability)
  • ZARA (Distressed denim)
  • UNIQLO (For affordable pair of selvage denim)

The light blue

The most Iconic and probably the most photographed jeans across categories and colors, the light blue jeans always manages to add a casual flair and makes you look younger. This fun version of jeans can be literally lived In. The more you wear and break into these jeans the better it gets. As they say jeans age like wine. The light blue jeans are mostly worn casually but can be paired with a button-down shirt for a Lil dressed up feel. Although I would caution you not to try and dress it up completely. The color and fade of the light blue jeans make it ultra-casual.

White jeans

White pair of jeans is as dressy as the dark indigo denim. These killers were in vogue during the ’80s and then vanished in the ’90s. But now these pairs of white jeans are back into fashion and are here to stay. The clean silhouette gives them a crisp appeal. Choose a slim fit and rock them up with some sand brogues or penny loafers. Keep the rest of the look muted, and let these bad boys do the talking.

Shoes that compliment

Shoes are pivotal for any outfit, irrespective of the formality. Pairing the right shoes with jeans is imperative. Choosing the right pair of shoes will give you a well-put-together look. A sturdy to textured shoes is what will work best. Brogues, Chelsea, White sneaker, or Chucks works best with these pairs.

Distressed denim !!! still cool ??

The Fashion fraternity is divided on distressed denim. Some say it must be debarred by well-dressed men, over the other spectrum they say “What the heck” you must wear what you feel like. My take on this particular topic would be, wearing distressed jeans is not the problem, how distressed, is. Distressing as much so as to stick the knee out or give a peak to nether regions is a tad too much and must be avoided by any Man who even thinks of dressing well. On the other hand, a bit of fraying and distressing here and there is fine, it may give you that rockstar looks if done well.

how much distressing is enough ??

Just about right !!!

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The Classic Dandy- 4 basic pairs of jeans you'll ever need