3 most basic fragrances for men

A Fragrance plays a pivotal role in Man’s personality. Smelling good is quite a necessity if not doused with designer fragrance. Any gentleman even remotely concerned about his appearance should pay attention to the way he smells. Not that he should be overpowered by a perfume nor should he stink with BO. Here The Classic Dandy brings you 3 most basic fragrances for the modern gent. These 3 fragrances will see you throughout the year across all the seasons. This is a handy guide to perfumes, stay tuned for the in-depth guide as well.

The Summer Fragrance

Summers dominate us most of the year and looking at the perspiration levels it is pretty inevitable to stink off sweat. To avoid fending off people off your BO, a gentleman must use a subtle fragrance which is not loud. Summers are for aquatic and floral scents. Aqua or floral scents are not overpowering and goes well with beach and cocktail vibes. Heavier fragrances can be very daunting for heat and make the wearer nauseous and people around him. If you’re tight on a budget you can go for something like Nautica Voyage or if you’re ready to splurge fo for the Dolce and Gabbana light blue.

The Winter Fragrance

Winters is when you keep your linens and shorts and boat shoes inside and take out the jackets and wool and tweed. Fannel’ s and boots need a different approach to the fragrance department as well. Woody, musky, or leather scents suit more in winter compared to its lighter counterparts. As a gentleman, we must keep in mind that the fragrance should not be offensive to others. The trick is to choose a subtle fragrance that falls closest to your personality. The winter fragrance allows you to go sexier for the people around you. Recommendation The Classic dandy would be Club di Nuit by ARMAF or intense by BENTLEY if you’re on a budget or OUD by HUGO BOSS if you’re willing to spend.

The Signature Scent

Every man who is even remotely interested in looking good or dressing well knows the importance of smelling great. A fragrance that distinguishes you from others goes a long way for someone who seeks individual style. Having a couple of basic fragrances in your closet depending upon your personal taste makes you stand out. Having an individual scent also means that you’ll score big on the dating front as well. A fragrance that reminds her of you. Having a signature scent doesn’t really mean to burn a hole in your pocket. you can start with a decent affordable fragrance get comfortable with it and then move to more niche fragrances. My favorites are Encre Noir by Lalique for budget options and the gentleman by Givenchy for pricier fragrances

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The Classic Dandy- 3 most basic fragrances for men